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Zdravo tržište

Healthy market

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  • The Commission s goal is to ensure healthy inter platform competition and make sure that market players do not abuse their position to obtain contractual terms and conditions that may act as an obstacle to innovation in the market.
  • A post hoc analysis across multiple healthy volunteer studies demonstrated a 20 reduction in retigabine clearance in healthy black volunteers relative to healthy Caucasian volunteers.
  • As regards individuals staying healthy, a healthy lifestyle could be promoted by social security systems through preventative measures, incentives and better consumer protection.
  • healthy competition in the mobile telecoms market is especially important for European consumers, who should continue to benefit from improved services at attractive prices.
  • Sessions addressed a range of themes, including labour market issues, staying active and healthy, inclusion and empowerment, innovation and volunteering.
  • The principles of market unity, Community preference and financial solidarity served the industry well when it was less healthy than it is today.
  • And what I came to understand is, we needed to teach children the symbiotic relationship between a healthy planet, healthy food and healthy kids.
  • But the Union is now capable of persuading its partners to abide by rules designed to ensure healthy competition and reciprocal market access.
  • And perfectionism has nothing to do with striving for excellence and healthy it's nothing to do with healthy striving.
  • healthy life years HLY at birth the number of years a person at birth is expected to live in a healthy condition.
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