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Zdravo poslovanje

Healthy business

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  • This deduction will be even more generous for start up companies, given their importance in job creation, the promotion of healthy competition and the establishment of more efficient business models.
  • A post hoc analysis across multiple healthy volunteer studies demonstrated a 20 reduction in retigabine clearance in healthy black volunteers relative to healthy Caucasian volunteers.
  • As regards individuals staying healthy, a healthy lifestyle could be promoted by social security systems through preventative measures, incentives and better consumer protection.
  • In addition, healthy competition gives companies fair chances to do business and to achieve their commercial goals, which in turn encourages growth, job creation and prosperity.
  • And what I came to understand is, we needed to teach children the symbiotic relationship between a healthy planet, healthy food and healthy kids.
  • And perfectionism has nothing to do with striving for excellence and healthy it's nothing to do with healthy striving.
  • healthy life years HLY at birth the number of years a person at birth is expected to live in a healthy condition.
  • Why is almost every robust healthy boy with a robust healthy soul in him, at some time or other crazy to go to sea
  • healthy competition in the Single Market prepares European companies to do business on global markets and succeed.
  • 1 represents the highest frequency observed either in the healthy adult or healthy older study population.
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