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Zdravo okruženje

Healthy environment

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  • Understanding how to produce protein in a way that's healthy for the environment and healthy for people will be incredibly important to address things like climate change and how we use petrochemical fertilizers.
  • The EU s competitive strength has always been built on a solid and predictable institutional environment, quality infrastructure, a strong technological knowledge base and a healthy and educated labour force.
  • Human well being requires access to safe accommodation, healthy food, clean water and sanitation and low carbon energy, a clean environment and the sustainable management of global public goods.
  • In accordance with the Treaty provisions, EU social partners play an important role in designing and implementing OSH policies and in promoting a safe and healthy environment in Europe.
  • A post hoc analysis across multiple healthy volunteer studies demonstrated a 20 reduction in retigabine clearance in healthy black volunteers relative to healthy Caucasian volunteers.
  • support for education and training for consumers, workers and young people on the preservation and development of a healthy working, recreational and residential environment
  • In order to ensure a healthy environment for all, the Action Programme calls for local measures to be complemented with adequate policy at both national and Union level.
  • Children could also take part in activities dealing with police work, land mine risks, healthy nutrition, AIDS awareness, human rights awareness and the environment.
  • Prolonging healthier working lives through the development and implementation of measures to promote a healthy environment and mental well being at work.
  • And what I came to understand is, we needed to teach children the symbiotic relationship between a healthy planet, healthy food and healthy kids.
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