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Jedi zdravo

Eat healthy

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  • A post hoc analysis across multiple healthy volunteer studies demonstrated a 20 reduction in retigabine clearance in healthy black volunteers relative to healthy Caucasian volunteers.
  • They spend 500 dollars for every one dollar 500 dollars marketing foods that kids shouldn't eat for every one dollar marketing healthy, nutritious food.
  • And what I came to understand is, we needed to teach children the symbiotic relationship between a healthy planet, healthy food and healthy kids.
  • Of course, hot summer days can be exhausting but this is why I swim regularly or stay at home during top temperature days and try to eat healthy.
  • Several experiments have also been carried out in canteens with the aim of encouraging customers to eat healthy foods.
  • 1 represents the highest frequency observed either in the healthy adult or healthy older study population.
  • Eat her, eat her now, eat her, she's a public sector worker, eat her, suck her blood, drink her dry
  • And for this reason, many people eat probiotic yogurt so they can promote a healthy gut flora.
  • I mean it's nice to be healthy at my age especially you can stand here, you're healthy.
  • Let's look at a healthy liver cell, a healthy hair cell, and a cancerous cell.
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